What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient spiritual practice or science of engaging in techniques which assist the mind and body in experiencing stillness. Embracing stillness is what allows us to connect to our true selves others wise known as the soul. When we connect with our soul our minds and bodies come into alignment allowing us to experience balance. This place of balance is where we find our flow and are able to navigate through our lives effectively living as our highest self, day by day growing and evolving limitlessly.

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Getting Started

Yoga is about you connecting with you. Approach yoga with the understanding that every part of the journey is yoga. The moment you decide to engage in the practice, you’ve begun the practice. In fact, the moment you decide you need some things to change in your life and seek out how to create those changes is the moment yoga has begun.

Understand the practice of yoga is as unique as you are. No two yogis (male practitioners) or yoginis (female practitioners) are alike. As you embark on the journey when your mind drifts outside of yourself redirect your thoughts to what you are noticing about your body, your thoughts and your mind. Sometimes we notice how much we are directing our attention outward during the practice and this is awareness is a gift. Let that gift lead you back inward one breath at a time.

Whether you are beginning at home or away from home in a classroom setting there are some basic things that can assist you as you learn the delicate art of stillness and connecting with you. Some of those things include a yoga mat, essential oils, a water bottle, a yoga cushion (for chair yoga), yoga socks and gloves (helpful if you tend to sweat a lot), yoga straps (to assist with tight muscles), and yoga blocks. .


Yoga comes in many styles. We currently teach 2 styles of yoga.

  • Gentle
  • Rigorous

Our Classes are designed in the following formats:

  • Chair Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Total Body Yoga
Learn More About Each Style of Yoga

What we offer:

  • Private Yoga & Meditation Sessions for Individuals & Groups
  • Employee Yoga & Meditation Treats – Gift Your Employees Wellness

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” As you still the mind, you assist the body in healing and as a result you connect with the true self.”
~ April Diane
” SHINING from within, one breath at a time.”
~ April Diane