Medicine for the mind, healing for the body, and cleansing for the soul. A time to embrace the moment and all that it beholds so you can connect to your limitless peaceful nature.

Ask The Practitioners

What we’ve learned about meditation through practice


The best time to meditate is at the start of your day before you begin any other activity. The next best time is before bed so you can relax your mind into a calm state of being to assist in allowing your being to rest better and dream. Aim to be consist with the time of day you practice as this helps with you realizing the benefits more expeditiously.
One of the brains functions is to think. The brain has to be retrained to be still. Noticing your thoughts coming in is a time to celebrate. You are becoming more aware. Use the awareness of the thoughts as a reminder to redirect your attention back to the sensations of your breath.
The best way to meditate is in a way that allows you to be still for at least 5 minutes to start. This could be lying down, sitting up, standing up, sitting etc. we are all unique so whats best is what allows you to engage in stillness.
The moment you begin practicing meditation is the moment you will experience results. The results are not always noticeable right away, however; a shift is happening.
When you begin the practice of meditation the first level is the detoxification of your mind and brain. The best detoxification is done gradually to allow you time to process the information you are becoming aware of and releasing. So in the beginning release time, and quantity. Just do it when you feel the urge and can create the time. The process will unfold and your time will increase as a result of you embracing the practice without expectation.
Meditating with others can improve your ability to commit to engaging in the practice. If it feels to good to meditate with others then you should, if it doesn’t feel good to meditate with others then you shouldn’t.
The origin of meditation, like everything else in our experience, has been debated for centuries. We will just resolve to say meditation came from the Source.
Use the distractions to help you get centered. Distractions such as, sounds in the external environment, pain and sensations in the body, and reoccurring thoughts can be used as redirecting tools. When you become aware of the distraction begin to deliberately slow down your breath. Once you have obtained a certain amount of breath in hold the breath for a as long as you can and then slowly release the breath. Repeat this process. Feel free to end the meditation without judgment if you the distraction begins to cause internal turmoil or agitation. Finish your meditation when you are at a state of peace.
Meditation is a universal practice. This art of connecting with yourself is practiced by people from many cultures and religions all over the world, however; this is not a religious practice this is a spiritual practice. A practice that allows you to connect with your being completely.
Wear comfortable clothing so you and your body can feel relaxed.
Meditation will show you every problem you encounter you can solve once you allow your mind to relax and be still.
The moment you decide to meditate you have made progress in your life as meditation is essential for living as your highest self. Your awareness to your progress will be so clear this question will become irrelevant to you. You will see, hear, and feel your progress in your experiences and encounters all around you. Be mindful that your progress may first come in the form of noticing the chaos in your life. Stay the course. The point of meditation is to get you to see.
Everyone can benefit from meditation. However, you have to honor yourself, if you are feeling irritated by even the thought of meditation yet you’d like the benefits start with setting an intention to feel better about the thought of meditating. Meditation is a personal journey of connecting with your self, and that is for everyone.
Meditation is just a name we give to the art of concisely practicing stillness and awareness. There are many ways to accomplish this, the name is not important, the practice is what will bring the desired results.
Closing your eyes during meditation helps to eliminate the number of external messages coming into your mind. Meditating with the eyes closed will help you stay centered in your practice.
Meditate in a quite comfortable place. Including candles, intents, and relaxing music, and essential oils can assist with the relaxation process.
You are your best teacher. Having a guide can assist you with the process, however; a guide is not necessary.
Mantras are words or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation. Mantras are used as affirmations to make a prayer penetrate on a deeper level within your soul.
“If you have health, you probably will be happy, and if you have health and happiness, you have all the wealth you need, even if it is not all you want. “
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“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.”
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