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Our Crochet Connection Program
The group currently meets at several local libraries on Long Island in New York. You can find us consistently, on Tuesday’s,  at the East Meadow Public Library.  The group welcomes beginner (the first week in the month), experienced, and beginning again crocheters of all ages. Each week we learn new patterns, finish up projects, and help one another get unstuck one pattern at a time
We offer beginner & experienced crochet classes students of all ages starting as early as kindergarten. The classes include, learning the history of crochet, finger crochet, reading patterns, learning the basic stitches and beyond, and group projects. If your interested in bringing the program to your organization, click on the our crochet connection program opportunity‘  button above to learn more and give us a call at: (516) 830-8736
Benefits of Crochet:
Crochet is a wonderful way to help students improve their concentration & focus, develop strength with their fine motor skills, and use their energy in a way that is constructive. The art fosters relaxation, and is a fun, creative way to connect with like minds.
What to expect:
Durning the class,  we will learn about the history of crochet and all the wonderful things one can make with the art. While our goal is to have the students complete a project I center my teaching methods around students learning to enjoy the time they spend learning something new.
This approach helps students gain a confidence level which they will carry with them through out their entire life time as students. As a result students stay engaged and are inspired to continue with their studies.
Note to Parents & Program Administrators:
Please don’t expect the children to leave the program with a blanket or anything remotely like recognizable art the first day or week of class. What you can expect is the children to leave the program with a feeling of excitement or frustration. This can determine whether they are willing to continue the learning process. You can help children stay encouraged by your outlook on their time in the class. Ask them to teach you what they learned (even if you know how to  crochet already). Let them know that all good things take time and if they keep going they will get the hang of the art.
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