Greetings I represent the experience known as April Diane, I am a humble student of DIVINE ORDER. I am grateful and willing to serve those whom I encounter using the gifts of yoga, meditation, writing, spiritual support and crochet. As a student first I am open to continuing to evolve and grow. What I don’t know today I will research for tomorrow.

My current education and credential’s are as follow:

Education & Credentials:

In progress:

  • Pursuing a Doctorate Degree in Yoga Therapy via Birchim International University
  • Primordial Sound Meditation Certification via the Chopra Center

My Story:

Using the practices of yoga and meditation I overcome sensations associated with anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. As a result of my experiences I am able to assist others in overcoming these sensations as well using these same modalities. The techniques and practices I teach are the very ones I use in my daily life in an effort to live as my highest self.

Please understand, like you, I am a student first. I fall down and I get back up to me this is perfection. Perfection I now understand to be learning from yesterday and applying the lessons in today. I decided to begin focusing on the beauty that makes up life seeing the challenges as lessons and guides. In essence learning to rise from the ashes like a ‘Phoenix’.

One of my favorite quotes comes from Dr. Maya Angelou, “The most challenging thing about being the teacher is living the lessons first.” In essence, I teach because I lived and now I can relate and share which is my gift back to the Divine. With the perspective geared toward growth I began to embrace and understand my purpose here during this time as a self proclaimed ‘Mind, Body, and Soul Wellness Guide.’
My Purpose is to teach what I’ve learned to help others grow in a way that is nonjudgmental and supportive. By embracing the techniques and practices taught in yoga & meditation I’m learning to find my flow, balance this life I have been placed in charge of, and experience moments on a deeper level one breath at a time.

~ Namaste